Every Moment Holy

New Liturgies for Daily Life

Every Moment Holy: Liturgy for Daily Life

What's in The Book?

In Every Moment Holy you will find over 100 liturgies for use in a number of different ways. Some are meant to be read by a “Leader” and the “People,” as in a traditional liturgical service or responsive reading. Others are intended for personal use, either read silently or aloud. And still others may contain multiple speaking parts for use in a group (such as the members of a wedding party).

However, none of these formats should be considered rigid. One might choose to split up a personal liturgy (such as “A Liturgy for Those Who Weep Without Knowing Why”) to be read in parts by a group for whom the subject is applicable. And likewise, those liturgies written for a “Leader” and “People” may be of equal value to the lone reader.

Some prayers are written with the intent of daily or routine recitation, and others are for use on special, memorable, difficult, or even tragic occasions. The prayers included in the “Liturgies of the Moment” section are designed for memorization so that they can be recalled at need.

An index is provided in the back of the book to allow the user to more easily locate liturgies for particular occasions or needs.

It’s hoped that the liturgies in this book, no matter how they are used, will serve as prayers to encourage readers in practicing mindfulness of the constant presence of God and draw them toward greater recognition of the eternal echoes resounding in every moment of our lives.


EMH-Domestic Duties.jpg

Liturgies of Labor & Vocation

For Domestic Days

For One Who Is Employed

For Those Who Employ Others

For Laundering

For the Preparation of a Meal

For the Preparation of an Artisanal Meal

For the Preparation of a Hurried Meal

For the Keeping of Bees

For the Washing of Windows

For Home Repairs

For Students & Scholars

For Waiters & Waitresses

For First Responders

For Medical Providers

Before Taking the Stage

For Fiction Writers

For the Changing of Diapers I

For the Changing of Diapers II

For Those Who Work in Wood & Stone & Metal & Clay

For the Labors of Community

EMH-Van Gogh Prayer.jpg

Liturgies of Petition & Provision

For the Ritual of Morning Coffee

For a Sick Day

For the Morning of a Medical Procedure

For a Husband & Wife at Start of Day

For a Husband & Wife at Close of Day

For Those Who Suffer Loss from Fire, Flood, or Storm

For the Loss of Electricity

Before Serving Others

Before a Meal Eaten Alone

For Those Flooded by Too Much Information

For Those Who Covet the Latest Technology

For One Battling a Destructive Desire

For Nights & Days of Doubt

For Those with a Sudden Burden to Intercede

For Those Who Feel Awkward in Social Gatherings

For Dating or Courtship

Before Giving I

Before Giving II

For Those Feeling the Impulse to Buy

Before Shopping

For the Paying of Bills

For One Who Has Suffered a Nightmare

For Those Who Cannot Sleep

For First Waking

EMH-King of Creation.jpg

Liturgies of Creation & Recreation

For Arriving at the Ocean

For Leaving on Holiday

For Those Who Sleep in Tents

For the Enjoyment of Bonfires

For Sunsets

For Stargazing

For the Watching of Storms

For the First Snow

Before Consuming Media

For the Planting of Flowers

For Gardening

Before Beginning a Book

To Lament the Finishing of a Beloved Book

For Competitors


Liturgies of Sorrow & Lament

For Those Who Have Not Done Great Things for God

For the Anniversary of a Loss

For the Loss of a Living Thing

For Missing Someone

For Leavings

For an Inconsolable Homesickness

For Those Facing the Slow Loss of Memory

For the Feeling of Infirmities

For Those Fearing Failure

For the Death of a Dream

For Those Who Have Done Harm

For Those Who Weep Without Knowing Why

EMH-Table Blessings.jpg

Liturgies for Table Blessings








EMH-Take Joy 2.jpg

Liturgies of Blessing & Celebration

For Those Gathered on the Eve of a Wedding

To Begin a Purposeful Gathering

For Feasting with Friends

For Moving into a New Home

To Mark the First Hearthfire of the Season

To Mark the Start of the Christmas Season

For Setting Up a Christmas Tree

For the Welcoming of a New Pet

For the Morning of a Yard Sale

For the Marking of Birthdays

EMH-Teach Wave 2.jpg

Liturgies of the Moment (for Memorization)

Upon Seeing a Beautiful Person

Upon Tasting Pleasurable Food

Upon Experiencing Cheering Laughter

Upon Randomly Thinking of Another Person

Upon Being Moved By  a Song or Piece of Music

Upon Hearing Birdsong

Upon Sighting a Flower in Bloom

Upon a Unexpected Sighting of Wildlife

Upon Observing a Tree Swaying in the Wind

Upon Feeling the Pleasance of a Warm Shower

For the Sound of Sirens

For a Fleeting Irritation

For Moments of Emergency

For a Moment of Frustration at a Child

For Those Experiencing Road Rage

For Waiting in Line

EMH-Pax Gratia_Clocks.jpg

Liturgies of the Hours